Interior Painting Cost

Interior Painting Cost

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The cost of painting your interior will vary, depending on the size of your home, quality of paint, and preparation work required. Of course, the larger your rooms, the more paint required and consequently more preparation. This is why we offer onsite estimates for interior painting, so we may accurately assess your painting requirements.

Sometimes previously painted walls and trim require additional prep work to properly prepare them for their new coat of paint. This typically includes light sanding, drywall filling, and sometimes replacement in certain circumstances. Nonetheless, preparing for your new paint should be worked into the equation to accurately understand the full potential costs of your interior painting project. Fortunately, you won’t have to do these estimates yourself when you hire Patricia’s Painting. We’ll accurately assess the amount of preparation time required to provide you with a durable paint finish of the colour you want that will last for years.

Another consideration is priming the walls and/or ceilings that require painting. This is an important step in preparing your project that helps bond the paint properly. Priming helps cover the previous colour and helps smooth out imperfections to make your new paint all that more brilliant.

Finally, if you are hiring a painter, then you’ll need to consider labour costs of your painting project. Between prepping, paint supplies, and cleanup, these are all important factors to consider when tallying your interior painting costs.

Patricia’s Painting is your full service Winnipeg painting company that will provide you an accurate and affordable interior estimate. We’ll discuss your interior painting project over the phone and arrange an onsite painting estimate to provide you with an accurate estimate. Call us today and we’ll be happy to discuss your most ambitious interior painting plans!

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