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Furniture Refinishing Service.

Furniture Refinishing Services – Winnipeg, Manitoba

Patricia’s Painting Service provides furniture refinishing and painting for virtually all types of furniture. Our refinishing and painting process includes stripping, sanding, and repairing, prior to refinishing or repainting your beloved piece of furniture.

Furniture Painting

If your furniture requires painting, we can help. We regularly paint a variety of furniture types, such as tables, dressers, desks, headboards, and more. Typically, we also repair imperfections on the furniture to give it the appearance of brand new, unless you wish to preserve such imperfections to give it more character.

Furniture Refinishing Winnipeg

Furniture Refinishing

If your furniture requires refinishing, let Patricia’s Painting provide you with some great options. We offer a variety of furniture refinishing options, including staining, faux finishing, texturing, glossing, and more. Let us help refinish your furniture to extend its life and beauty!

Distressed Finish – Specialty Services

Want to give your furniture the “look” of natural aged beauty? Perhaps you don’t have time to visit all of the antique stores to find that perfect piece of furniture with the distressed “look”, that you’ve been longing for?

We’ve developed a process that will transform your ordinary furniture into a unique, one of a kind item, by giving it our custom “distressed” finish. This multi-step process involves various tools and techniques that we are proud to offer to our valued clients in Winnipeg.

Ideal for the following:

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Let Patricia’s Painting turn your ordinary furniture into extraordinary one of a kind pieces, by giving it a custom distressed “look”. Contact us today for a free estimate. Our services are available in Winnipeg and the surrounding area!

Arranging Your Furniture to be Refinished

To arrange your furniture to be refinished or painted by Patricia’s Painting Service, simply give us a call or email. We’ll discuss refinishing / repainting options with you and any other details you would like to ensure that your furniture refinishing / repainting requirements are fulfilled.

We’ll arrange to pick-up your furniture items that require refinishing or repainting and bring them to our shop. Once the refinish / painting on your furniture items is complete, we’ll deliver them back to you to your home, at a time that’s convenient for you. Alternatively, we can arrange for pickup and drop-off.

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